About us

Husband and wife, Jóel Friðrik Jónsson (carpenter, upholsterer) and Þuríður Steinþórsdóttir (dental hygienist, blacksmith artist/designer) decided they needed a change of scenery so they moved from Reykjavik, the capital to the beautiful countryside in Laugarvatn.


With an entrepreneurial spirit they opened Galleri Laugarvatn which was at first a store that sold Icelandic design and crafts. At that time the two shared a workshop where Þuríður designed items using metals and Jóel did upholstery.


In 2010, when all their kids had moved away from home, they opened a guesthouse in the family quarters of their house. The guesthouse started out with 3 rooms that had a shared bathroom but 4 years later they added two rooms with private bathrooms and a coffee shop.

Jóel and Þuríður work all year round with help in the summer.